Interactive Intelligent Systems (TIIS)


Editorial Board


Michelle X. Zhou
Juji Inc.
United States


Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief

Liang Gou
Visa Research
United States


Information Director

Daniel Afergan
United States


Advisory Board

Elisabeth André
University of Augsburg

Eric Horvitz
Microsoft Research
United States

Judy Kay
University of Sydney

James Landay
Stanford University
United States

Henry Lieberman
United States

Qiang Yang
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Hong Kong

Shumin Zhai
Google Inc.
United States


Founding Co-Editors-in-Chief

Anthony Jameson
2009 – 2016
John Riedl (1962-2013)
University of Minnesota
United States
2009 – 2013

Selected tributes:

Associate Editors

Shlomo Berkovsky
Macquarie University


Personalization, Persuasive Technologies. Healthcare Applications
Abraham Bernstein
University of Zurich


Crowd and Machine Intelligence, Semantic Technologies
Oliver Brdiczka
United States


User Modeling and Adaptive User Interfaces, Machine Learning Ubiquitous Computing
Andreas Bulling
Max Planck Institute for Informatics


Multimodal Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing, User Modeling for Adaptive and Personalized Systems
Joyce Chai
Michigan State University
United States


Natural Language Processing, Situated Dialogue Agents, Human-Robot Communication
Remco Chang
Tufts University
United States


Information Visualization, Visual Analytics
Li Chen
Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong


Personalization, Recommender Systems, User Behavior Analytics
Ed H. Chi
Google Research
United States


Social Computing, Machine Learning, Recommender Systems
Cristina Conati
University of British Columbia


Adaptive User Interfaces and User Modeling, Intelligent Tutoring, Affective Computing
Carlos Duarte
Universidade de Lisboa


Accessible computing, Automated accessibility evaluation, Pervasive computing
Wai-Tat Fu
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
United States


Cognitive Interfaces, Human Computation, User Modeling
Per Ola Kristensson
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom


Gesture Recognition, Text Entry, Activity Recognition
Joseph LaViola
University of Central Florida
United States


Gesture Recognition, Multimodal Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction
Shixia Liu
Tsinghua University


Expertise: Explainable AI, Information Visualization, Interactive Visual Analytics
Bamshad Mobasher
DePaul University
United States


Recommender Systems, Web Personalization, Web Mining
Sharon Oviatt
Monash University


Educational Technologies and Analytics, Multimodal Multi-Sensor Interfaces
Shimei Pan
University of Maryland
United States


Human-Centered Text Mining, Adaptive Conversational Systems
Fabio Paternò


Ubiquitous Computing, Automated Usability Testing, User Modeling for Adaptation and Personalization
Catherine Pelachaud
French National Center for Scientific Research


Embodied Conversational Agents, Multimodal Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction
Feng Tian
Chinese Academy of Sciences


Multimodal Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing
Matthew Turk
University of California, Santa Barbara
United States


Computer Vision and Vision-based Interaction, Multimodal Interaction, Mobile Computing
Jean Vanderdonckt
Belgian Laboratory of HCI


Model-based UI Design, Automated Usability Testing, User Modeling for Adaptive and Personalized Systems
Lexing Xie
Australian National University


Social Media Analytics, Machine Learning, Image, Video, and Language Processing
Anbang Xu
IBM Research - Almaden
United States


HCI, AI, Crowdsourcing, Chatbot

Distinguished Reviewers

Daniel Afergan
United States


Adaptive User Interfaces, Brain-Computer Interfaces
Basak Alper
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA
United States


Visual Analytics, Information Visualization, HCI
Saleema Amershi
Microsoft Research
United States


Interactive Machine Learning, HCI, Visual Analytics
Francois Bouchet
Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)


User Modeling and Personalization, Educational data mining, Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Andrea Bunt
University of Manitoba


Recommender Systems, Adaptive User Interfaces, Personalization
Ginevra Castellano
Uppsala University


Human-Robot Interaction, Social Robotics, Affective Computing
Chloé Clavel


Affective Computing, Natural Language Processing, Human-agent interaction
Weiwei Cui
Microsoft Research
United States


Visual Analytics, Information Visualization
Elizabeth Daly
IBM Research


Social Network Analysis, Recommender Systems, Social Media Analytics
Michael Ekstrand
Boise State University
United States


Recommender Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Algorithmic Fairness
Justin Estepp
US Air Force Research Laboratory
United States


Brain-Computer Interfaces, Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Electrophysiology
Cristina Gena
University of Torino


Adaptive Systems, Human Computer Interaction, Intelligent User Interfaces
Max Harper
University of Minnesota
United States


Recommender Systems, Natural Language Interfaces
Byungkyu (Jay) Kang
United States


Social Media Analytics, Pattern Recognition, Visual Analytics
Bart Knijnenburg
Clemson University
United States


Recommender Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, User-Centric Evaluation of Adaptive User Interfaces
Jianwei Lai
Illinois State University
United States


Mobile HCI, Web Usability and Accessibility, User Behavior and Cognitive Abilities
Sébastien Lallé
University of British Columbia


Intelligent Tutoring Systems, User Modeling and Personalization, Eye Tracking
Chen Li
Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong


Recommender Systems, Web Personalization, Artificial Intelligence and User Interfaces
Vera Liao
United States


Human-computer interaction, Conversational agent, Personalization
Bo Liu
Auburn University
United States


Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Stochastic Optimization
Shixia Liu
Tsinghua University


Interactive Visual Analytics, Text Mining, Explainable Machine Learning
Gale Lucas
University of Southern California
United States


Intelligent Virtual Agents, Human-Computer Interaction, Affective Computing
Luana Micallef
Helsinki Institute for Information Technology


Interactive Visual Analytics, Human-Computer Interaction
Grace Ngai
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong


Affective Computing, Human-Computer Interaction
Jason Orlosky
Osaka University


Augmented/Virtual Reality, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence
Alvitta Ottley
Washington University of St. Louis
United States


Information Visualization, Visual Analytics, HCI
Aditya Pal
United States


Recommender Systems, User Modeling
Denis Parra
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile


Recommender Systems, User Modeling, Interactive Information Visualization
Zahar Prasov
Draper Laboratory
United States


Natural Language Interfaces, Adaptive User Interfaces, Trust in Automation
Ben Steichen
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
United States


User Modeling, Personalization, Human-Centered Computing
Nava Tintarev
University of Technology Delft


Recommender Systems, User Modeling, Human-Computer Interation
Khiet Truong
University of Twente


Affective Computing, Social Signal Processing, Human-Robot Interaction
Miah Wander
Microsoft Research
United States


Brain-Computer Interfaces, IoT, Signal Processing
Hao Wang
Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Interactive Visual Analytics, Big Data Analytics, IoT(IIoT), Safety/Security
Kun Yu


Cognitive load measurement, Trust in HCI, Mobile HCI
Jian Zhao
United States


Visual Analytics, Information Visualization, HCI
Yong Zheng
Illinois Institute of Technology
United States


Recommender Systems, Affective Computing, Human Factors in RecSys

Past Editor-in-Chief

Krzysztof Gajos
Harvard University
United States
2013 – 2016
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